Guerilla Lunch Campaign Idea

You are a business in the big city and struggling to get noticed, running light on marketing budget so cant splash out on flashy billboards or taxi/bus signage no problem!

The majority of office workers will usually grab a coffee in the morning on route to the office, and grab a coffee and a sandwich or salad at lunch. Usually from the closest coffee/sandwich shop why not take advantage of that daily trend?

Identify your target location, and identify all the coffee and sandwich shops within that location. Pop in and ask if the manager would be willing to allow YOU to provide them with napkins, coffee cup/sleeves or coasters. To independent shops these are usually a cost to them which they will happily pass onto you.

The cost is relatively inexpensive around $0.15 a sleeve in comparison to traditional marketing. So for a small cost you can provide each of the shops with a stock of napkins and coffee cup sleeves featuring your brand and sales message. Now every person visiting that shop is your mobile billboard, walking your brand around the streets and back into their offices.

We think this idea works really well for Recruitment Companies, Realtors and Fitness Instructors.


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